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CLOUDFLOW is a modular production workflow suite for file processing, asset management, soft proofing and workflow automation.

It is a web-based application platform specifically tailored for the packaging graphics with support for PDF, color separation, trapping, screening, proofing and much more.

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Workspace is the foundation for any CLOUDFLOW configuration. It indexes file repositories while respecting the existing directory structure, automatically extracts relevant metadata and creates accurate thumbnails. It stores all of its information in a database to make it available and searchable and allowing for centralized configuration and backup.

Workspace features an innovative workflow engine to create business and production flows. Its fully HTML5 based user interface offers easy and customizable access to all processes and content. With the webserver built-in, it can host custom portal solutions that tie directly into workflows and access files with proper user and permission management.

The extensive and documented web API of CLOUDFLOW connects to surrounding IT equipment and databases to retrieve parameters and other production instructions to automate production and eliminate double entry.

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Modular architecture
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Modularity and scalability are fundamental characteristics of CLOUDFLOW. You can add and combine a large variety of …

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Open standards
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CLOUDFLOW is completely built on open standards: it is web-based from the start (HTML5), uses PDF and XML all the way …

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Industry 4.0
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With the ability to run completely in the cloud, CLOUDFLOW offers a robust and reliable platform to master the challenges of …

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Add and combine a large variety of functional modules for soft proofing, prepress automation, RIP screening, job- and order lifecycle management and many more …

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Standalone products
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For maximum usability and easy access to a specific set of functions, some modules are available as Standalone products. You can upgrade them to CLOUDFLOW’s modular environment at your convenience.

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Our responsive development and management
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