Modular Architecture

Modularity and scalability are fundamental
characteristics of CLOUDFLOW. You can add and
combine a large variety of functional modules for
soft proofing, prepress automation, RIPping,
screening, job- and order lifecycle management
and many more.

Multiple Workspaces can be clustered for extra
computing power, high availability and multi-
location configurations.

With CLOUDFLOW´s powerful Share technology, it
becomes even possible to link Workspaces across
the internet to exchange and synchronize files, data
and licenses to optimize their utilization.

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Open Standards

CLOUDFLOW is completely built on open
standards: it is web-based from the start (HTML5),
uses PDF and XML all the way and supports all
major industry standards such as CIP3, XMP and
many others.

CLOUDFLOW is fully data driven by the power of
the document-oriented MongoDB database. Its
completely documented JSON REST API allows
CLOUDFLOW to seamlessly integrate with your IT

The Datalink module offers data access and
manipulation functionality to interoperate with
SQL and other data structures.

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Industry 4.0

With its ability to run completely in the cloud,
CLOUDFLOW offers a reliable platform to master
the challenges of digital transformation and
Industry 4.0 in the labels and packaging world. By
adding the Orchestrator module, it can integrate
and interoperate with all contributors, IT services

and equipment of the entire value chain from initial
order to final delivery by providing flexible
interfaces and powerful process engines.

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