CLOUDFLOW – Intelligent Flexo

Intelligent Flexo is an innovative concept which boosts print quality while using less ink and saving time by processing files more quickly.

CLOUDFLOW Workspace – Introduction

Presenting CLOUDFLOW Workspace from HYBRID Software, our web-based file and asset management system.

CLOUDFLOW Proofscope – Approval

View multiple types of assets in a browser environment without plugins and send temporary high resolution views to your customer for approval with advanced markup and annotation tools.

CLOUDFLOW Proofscope – Assets and Side by Side
View multiple types of assets in browser environment without plugins with CLOUDFLOW Proofscope.

CLOUDFLOW – Preflight

View your transparencies and overprints with correct behaviour; send temporary high resolution views to your customer for approval; highlight preflight remarks; advanced markup and annotation tools; measurement tools for ink densities, distances and angles.

CLOUDFLOW – Tectonics

Introducing HYBRID’s innovative Flexo Plate Layout solution, TECTONICS, which saves waste and money by intelligent flexo plate grouping.


CLOUDFLOW – CERM Integration

CLOUDFLOW’s integration with CERM allows for real-time tracking of production in a comprehensive, secure, and easy-to-use workflow.

CLOUDFLOW – Common Cylinder Search

The common cylinder search is a tool to identify which jobs have cylinders and plate material in common to optimise production costs.


CLOUDFLOW Jobs has an easy way to combine, collect data and files inside a job object. With Jobs, an out of the box prepress dashboard is delivered that suits your new, or existing, CLOUDFLOW configuration.

CLOUDFLOW – Digimarc Verifier Integration

Enjoy increased efficiency in verifying Digimarc codes, and we will save them valuable time and avoid errors.

CLOUDFLOW- EyeC Kiosk Integration

Discover CLOUDFLOW’s Kiosk integration with EyeC.

CLOUDFLOW- Eye Cockpit Integration

Discover CLOUDFLOW’s Cockpit integration with EyeC.